“Help Me to Learn” Campaign

Children of One World launched the “Help Me to Learn” campaign at the schools of Atma Camp in Idlip, where it aims to eliminate as many deficiencies in schools as possible and to increase the level of education.

The idea of this campaign; was come up with a field visit of Children of One World’s team to schools in the camp. Seeing the number of children who do not have access to textbooks and the extent of book shortages in schools, our team launched a campaign to meet the need and give children the habit of reading. Books were collected from both adults and students who do not need textbooks of previous years anymore.

Parents also support the campaign!

Throughout the campaign, with the support of parents, up to 2000 books suitable for every education level were collected and the available ones were distributed to schools. The “Help Me to Learn” campaign has been running since December 2018.