humanıtarıan prıncıples

While continuing our activities as “Children of One World”, we declare that we are committed to the internationally recognized Principles of Humanitarian Aid to present that we focus solely on our purpose regardless of any other interest. In our declarations with the United Nations OCHA, we express our commitment to these principles at international level.

The Humanitarian Core Principles distinguish humanitarian activities from any other activity. It defines the structure of humanitarian aid. It sets out the most basic requirements that actors who perform very critical activities, such as “saving lives and eliminating or alleviating suffering”.

All institutions that conduct humanitarian activities in a transparent manner on an international level must comply with these principles.

Humanity: If there is a situation where people suffer, no matter where and how, it should be intervened, especially for the most vulnerable ones.

Neutrality: Humanitarian aid cannot take a part in any conflict or dispute.

Impartiality: The only thing to consider when providing humanitarian assistance is the need without discrimination.

Independence: Aims of humanitarian aid; must be independent of political, economic, military or other purposes.