As Children of One World, we believe that all children around the world are equal. We aspire to a world in which all children could enjoy equal rights as one of our goals. Therefore, we have built our vision up based “Children of One World“.

Protection of children and their right to quality education are the most important priorities for Children of One World.


Children of One World began its journey in 2013. With the outbreak of the humanitarian crisis in Syria began in the year 2011, a group of businessmen, managers and educators, all came together and have decided to contribute in reducing the catastrophic effects of armed conflict on children

In addition to the grave violations such as killing, maiming, child recruitment and denial access to education in hard to reach conflict areas in Syria, it has been observed that other forms of violations such as children lost their families, early marriage and child labour were rapidly increased.

All in above was a trigger to motivate this small group that came together to carry out activities and small initiatives help survivor or at risk children to be safe.

This small group that came together started to carry out activities against children being mobilized by armed groups and to document the rights violations, in particular the violations regarding right to life.​



“When the office in Aleppo (a city in north of Syria),-where our works were carried out-, was shaken by a big explosion, we only had 5 employees. The explosion was caused by a barrel bomb fired from an aircraft to the building next to our office.

We found out that a building next to the office collapsed completely, even though it was hard to see because of the dust cloud, we encountered when we threw themselves away from the office that was shaken by shock and sound waves.”

says one of the team members.

It was almost impossible to reach the wreckage of the building. However, there were two children crying by the building, shouting “they’re inside”. Our friends found out that their parents were deadly stock under the building.

Children had no relatives in the city other than their families. They had no place to go. In this conflict and war environment, where everyone was looking for a safe place and where every available communication channels were almost disconnected, these children were all alone under the shade of bombs.

Our friends took them to the office. That night, the children stayed at the house of Aunt A. Y. who later continued to work with us even in the most dangerous conflict zones. Later, we rented a house for these two children and unfortunately a few more children were forced to stay away from their families and live in this rented house. Within a short time, children were accompanied with their relatives within the scope of Family reunification.

This chain of events became two important milestones which drafted up and developed our scope of work:

1. While we were witnessing the fear in the eyes of children who lost their families; we responded and took an action for opening the first child friendly space in the city of Aleppo where they can enjoy their childhood, they can be safe, (also could be used as a shelter) and they can receive qualified psycho-social support.

2. And to bring back those children who drifted apart from their families; we started to look for more systematic, well-trusted, effective and efficient theoretical and practical references, that can support us to prevent and respond to child protection concerns.

When looking back at those days, we see very humble steps from handful of dreamers. That humble steps lead a walk for Children of One World. While we know that there is a long way ahead to soar reaching for stars, we are so proud to reaching out and making an impact on lives of hundreds of thousands children every year.


8-10 Child-Friendly Spaces, 10 Preschool Education Centers, 14 mobile teams assigned to reach children living in poor and hard to reach areas, Training Center serving the employees working in the field, 10,000 copies of monthly children magazine (namely Ghiras Magazine) is issued and distributed among most vulnerable communities, vocational training, and children’s science, art, nature center are some concrete examples of our works. For more information you may visit our Protection Projects and Education Projects pages.

We believe that cooperation and integration with global, international and local humanitarian action as an important opportunity. We regard carrying learning and contact outcomes to the children of the whole world and continuously developing projects through learning from best practices and innovative approaches as an input to our commitment to work for the best interests of the child.

We are delighted to be a partner of national, international and United Nation humanitarian actors and influencers.