Psychosocial Support for Children

Project Categories: Protection Projects.

Project aims to improve the protection environment in northern Syria through the provision of services to vulnerable women and children and strengthening the capacity of local protection actors, specifically related to child protection. The project will target the community level to support survivors and mitigate of conflict related protection risks by supporting...

Self-Learning Program

Project Categories: Education Projects.

“Self-learning program begins with Back-to-Learning (BTL) campaigns (includes: Designing and Printing of visibility materials, brochures, banners and posters ,Door to Door , Mobile team , Open day ,awareness sessions ). Rehabilitating and beautifying classrooms (Rehabilitation of classrooms Doors, Windows, beautifying centers painting and drawing on walls with age-appropriate designs).

I Learn

Project Categories: Education Projects.

“I LEARN” is a self-learning, non-formal education project that aims to provide education programs for boys and girls at the ages of 6 – 10 years old, through simple, innovative and easy-to-use tools and materials. The project is targeting children with different circumstances, whether they have never enrolled in primary schools, they are officially enrolled but absent (for specific reasons), or were 1 – 3 years behind their peers.

Safe New Year

Project Categories: Education Projects.

Designing, implementing and distributing a full Education Awareness Kit within 100 operating schools and temporary schools in high IDPs rural areas. These 6 suggested topics will be published through 6 main materials/methods...