Statement of Children of One World on Grave Violations Against Children in Northwest Syria

As military fierce hostilities continue in northwestern Syria dramatically for the fifth consecutive week, continual reports keep flowing about dozens of victims among displaced civilians and residents, and extensive damage to basic life-saving facilities and infrastructure.

Since 26 April, Syrian regime and its allies have launched a brutal military campaign against towns and villages of the southern countryside of Idlib. Air attacks on residential neighborhoods and markets have claimed in killing nearly 80 children and injury of others. As well as, direct aerial targeting for 25 medical facility/hospital/or clinic, and 50 School, deprived more than 45 thousand children from right to education and having necessary health assistance. Consequently, thousands of children have been forced to flee with their families to less dangerous places, while most of them couldn’t find a shelter but the open spaces and agricultural lands, where they are exposed to different forms of risks and humiliation.

The use of indiscriminate means and indiscriminate attacks in north-western Syria, leads to killing and maiming of children, which is one of the most grave violations against children identified by Secretary General and a series of Security Council Resolutions on children and armed conflict (1261 (1999), 1314 (2000), 1379 (2001), 1460 (2003), 1539 (2004), 1612 (2005), 1882 (2009), 1998 (2011) and 2068 (2012)), and a clear violation of the principles of International Humanitarian Law, International human rights law, Convention on the rights of the child.

The General Assembly and other UN bodies have repeatedly called for special protection afforded to children by all parties to conflict. Including but not limited to, UN General Assembly Declaration “A world fit for children” 2002, A/RES/S-27/2

Therefore, we call on the Security Council and the international community to put pressure on the Syrian regime and its allies to end the military escalation in northwestern Syria and immediately stop targeting civilians in general and children in particular, as well as neutralizing service facilities, especially medical and educational facilities.

We also appeal to all humanitarian agencies and organizations to urgently provide a life-saving emergency humanitarian response that will contribute to the protection and alleviation of the suffering of children as well as the protection of humanitarian workers.